Six Wonders of the Minecraft World: the place for sublimating your imagination

Minecraft, an amazing and fantastic sandbox game of Mojang game production. Some gamers intend to decline to enjoy this game when they catch the poor and ugly display graphic. But when they put a stand on Minecraft, they are going to spend hours poring over this game. The game brings a free and creative world which players can arrange everything on their own ideas. In Minecraft, players will be put on an enormous world with diversified topographic such as desert, mountain, jungle, river… Then they will become an adventurer and explore the interesting things in the game.

At the start of the game, the jejuneness will come to the players because of the simple cubes graphic without colorful, lively which is different from most of mobile games nowadays. However, at the time they start to discover minecraft world, this kind of graphic is not important anymore. Full of surprise and interesting, they will freely create and build anything without any rule and limitation.

Minecraft has many beautiful and interesting maps for players to explore and create with their private style. Especially, there are some places and wonders for players not only to travel to discover but also finding some necessary and valuable materials even the diamond.  All landmarks have different construction, place, structure and value. Besides, there are many dangers appearing deep inside each landmarks and it has become priceless maps for the players who seek for adventure and risk.

There are many landmarks below which is highly rated by previous players as interesting, unique and challenging, especially for the newbie. Let’s see which place is it? How does it organize? Which materials do players can seek and what things that you have to stay alert?

1 . Abandoned mineshaft


This is one of available design map are quite popular in Minecraft. Abandoned Mineshaft has been created like a labyrinth with several levels, which require players to have not only patience but also good memory to explore the entire architecture.

-Abandoned mineshaft includes :

  • The place to start is a large space.
  • Serial line: that was the beginning of a series of structure; it can stand vertical, horizontal, or next.
  • In the process of mining when you meet the wood, you have found abandoned shaft.

-The types of materials and resources that you can find in Abandoned mineshaft:

  • Diamond, Coal, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone Dust, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Melon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Wheat, Bread, Rails, Iron Pickaxe, Golden Apple, Wood planks, Fences, String.
  • In this abandoned mineshaft, the best thing which you can find easily is the ore, but other resources can still be found here, including diamond.
  • Abandoned mineshaft is a place which you can easily find the mob Spawner, especially Spider Cave.
  • Besides, when going around our mines, you can also find many boxes that contain valuable precious.

-How to mine abandoned mineshaft:

  • Digging into the ground as deep as possible (it depends on your own luck).
  • Going to the sea, walk carefully and observe the seabed to find out the hatch.
  • Going into the cave, valley to try your luck.

2. Nether:


This is an extraordinary, parallel and extremely frightening world in Minecraft. Soul sand, Hell rock, Lava rivers, as well as the danger always lurks everywhere.

-Nether includes:

  • The place to start: You will have to go through the gate which made from obsidian to enter the hell.
  • Lava River: The river at the bottom of hell, extremely large and there is one thing to be assured if you fall into the river that you will lose everything: your lives, and all of your items.
  • Hell Fort: A citadel which is built entirely with hell brick, inside this castle you can find the item chests with a map or special mod.

-The effects of the materials found in the Nether:

  • Lava: The Hell Gate is a place which has a lot of lava, this is organic material used for cooking and heating metal.
  • Soul sand: Used for cropping mixing plant material, also known as tumor drugs hell.
  • The grave stone: Used for making hell bricks, this is nice colored bricks.
  • Quartz: When beating quartz ore, you will get a small amount of experience, and 4 quartz ore can be made out of quartz stones to build a house.
  • Hell tumor: This is a plant used to make drugs; you can find it at the hell fortress.
  • Besides, you can find some mobs: Demon Fire (Blaze), Hell ghost (Ghast), Zombie Pig Man, Magma Cube.
  • The chest will able to contain gems, even diamonds.

-Some advices:

  • You cannot go out and find the whole castle Nether at the time you enter, you should bring a plenty amounts of torch to mark the way back.
  • You can seal all the gates under Nether by pebbles, because theGhast can destroy everything except pebbles.

3. Jungle Temple


It is not easy to find this place because the temple is often very deep in the forest where the tall trees, thick canopy and lianas appear. Although it situated in such a scary place, the Jungle Temple was not dangerous at all. Otherwise, this place is a source of item supply, even if you are lucky, you can also find diamonds.

The materials and resources that you can find in Temple Jungle:

  • Moss rocks: In this place, there are many moss stones that you can take it back to your house to start building.
  • Traps: Inside the temple, there is an apparatus meticulously defense system, but not too dangerous. You can destroy the traps to get some items like red rock, plant or hook shot.
  • When found the temple, you can open the chest in the house to own some valuable items, but one temple has only two chests so there will not be too many items for you to get, but diamonds can be found here.

4. Desert Temple














The desert temple looks quite similar and makes the players think of the ancient Pyramids of Egypt. The temple is located right on the hot sands of the desert. Furthermore, an interesting and dangerous thing is the complex ways system combined with super hanging traps which make the players get a lot of trouble if they want to pass and gain valuable positive chests.

To find sanctuary in the desert, you have to seek for to the largest deserts, the search will not be too difficult in a flat place like this desert.

The materials and resources appear in desert temple:

  • Colored clay: Sanctuary is decorated with lots of colored clay blocks; you can get them to decorate your house or use it to manufacture furniture.
  • Dynamite: As we said, the desert sanctuary has many traps and it is very dangerous. But if you know how to exploit, you’ll get all the treasure and explosives from the trap was installed here.
  • Treasure chest can also find insanctuary in the desert, there are up to 4 chests here.

5.Ocean monument


Ocean monument is also known by the name of Atlantic, an undersea temple. This landmark is located very deep under the sea and it is protected strictly. It has quite a solid and vast architecture.

The materials which can be found in ocean monument:

  • Sea prismatic bricks: This structure was built of countless sea prismatic bricks, so you can take it back to decorate your house.
  • Lighthouses: The site is located on the sea floor which is decorated by so many lighthouses. We can pick up the light and take it to our house.
  • Sponge: When taking it from the ruins, it will be a wet sponge. You can take it to your house and bake it on the stove to dry sponge; this item is used to absorb water.
  • Yellow block: at the center of the monument.there is a yellow square blocks that you can take it back to your house.
  • Besides, there are some mobs here such as Guardian, Elder Guardian.

6. Stronghold


Underground stronghold is the place where all the players want to search for an end all over the adventure days at Minecraft. You can meet the greatest enemy of Minecraft here, Ender Dragon.Stronghold has a rich architecture and many natural resources.

– The structure of Stronghold

  • The connecting room: Between the important parts of the stronghold are the connected halls, iron railing way.
  • Library: There is a huge library which contains many books; we can comfortably get here to bring the books back to our house.
  • Gate End: This is your gateway to the world of the Ender Dragon.

– The materials in Stronghold:

  • Bricks, Stone, iron doors, wood doors, buttons.
  • Books: There are a lot of books in the library, you can get it to make enchanted book to kill the Dragon.
  • Additionally there is a mob here: Fish silver (silverfish)
  • There are chests which contains many gems.

All we have introduced to you 6 landmarks in Minecraft. If you are a newbie, you should not ignore to get more experience when participating in this game of magic and magnificent cubes.


Minecraft Building Tips


If you are new to Minecraft, we are here to help you with nice buildings and construction. Remember, you can find more specific tips and tricks in the “Trivia” section of an item’s page.

For the first houses

If you have never built a house in Minecraft before, it would be wise to dig into one side of a hill, or a mountain. By doing this, you can speed up the pace, as well as safeguard your house. However, home inside a mountain can be hard to find once you wander far. You could place some torches around the entrance, and it really helps that other mobs, except zombies, cannot track light source.

Other than this, you can build house with many materials, like wood, cobblestone or obsidian. Wooden planks are easy to find, stand out, look good and make a nice functional house. However, 1.3.1 wood are flammable, so be ware. Cobblestone makes more heavy duty house, while obsidian is the best material for buildings: they are creeper proof.


Do not use dirt as a building material, because they are easy to be blown up. Also do not build on sand or gravel, because there gravity is made effected. You can not expand the house or dig a basement there.

If you use more than one material, use ones that compliment each other in color and texture.

You can also add fountains, pathways and garden landscape that incorporates with the building.

It is wise to build a terrain and take it to your advantage. In the real world, people do not edit the environment to their whim, and it is best that you do the same in Minecraft. Build around the environment often brings out the best results: your construction would look nicer and more realistic. Do not overuse fancy plugins such as World Edit or Voxel Sniper!

Build base on a good design

Before participate in building, make sure you know what you want your building to look like. Be patient, because gathering designs and terraforming for your building takes the longest time in the building process. A good design is one that works in real life

Create mega big buildings

If you have a handful of experience with common building like houses, gardens or othe medium-sized construction, take Mega Builds into consideration. The task can be pretty tedious, but it will worth the effort.


Like always, start off with some research for designs. Follow with choosing the material you want, make sure all blocks fit with each other in terms of colour, texture and endurance. And the building itself must fit with the environment around for an good overall impression.

This time, you can use assisting tools such as World Edit or Voxel Sniper, because they can save you from building the same patterns 120 times.

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